Aktion Poliphile

This project for a residence gains its name and conceptual insparation from , 'Poliphil', the hero of the fifteenth century allogerical novel 'Hypnerotomachia Poliphili'. It is composed of a guest house 'House of Saturn' and the main dwelling 'House of Delia'

Saturn symbolises the idea that time creates and then destroys it´s creation, a symbol of lifes fallibility. His roof is of lead and publicly expressionless red-render walls open only to the privacy of the garden,

Delia the chaste goddess of youth, energy and health epitomises our modern times. Her superficiality, is clad in sun-bleached cedar, which is cut, swept-up, punched out, or as in the east, left fallow where a gestural twist from north to south is revealed by the rising sun.

From the roof garden of Delia a cedar stair metamorphoses into steel as it descends to the upper, sleeping, level. The stair becomes oak as it winds downward to the linearly planned ground level to welcome guests escaping the shadow of Saturn. Black tiles lead below to a subterranean chamber for hedonistic pleasure and a laundry room.

Architects : Studio Granda
Associate architects : Planungsring Ressel & Partner
Landscape architects : Marten & Porlein
Structural engineers : Línuhönnun
Associate structural engineer : Horst Schäfer
Acoustic consultants : Verkfræ├░istofan Önn
Services : Planungsgruppe Haustechnick

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Finalist, Mies van der Rohe Pavilion Award for European Architecture 1992 III edition