Between the couture boutique 'Eva' and the life-style store 'Company' was a void. The walls of the existing buildings defined the space and a gap between them allowed it to spill out into the side-street 'Frakkastigur'.

A construction now fills the void, linking the shops and creating a new emporium. Although deep within the existing fabric the interior has the impression of being an external space. The floor is of polished concrete and appears endless as it continues through a window towards the street, the illusion maintained by the a less-than-eye-height of the window and the slight upward ramp of the granite-paved court. The high ceiling is of sand-blasted concrete, its massiveness offset by recessed lighting and deep rooflights. The space between the concrete planes is controlled by three shades of grey-white and details of glistening, black, oiled steel.

A few steps connect the new space to 'Company' and their passage behind a short transverse wall is the generator for the external façade. This wall acknowledges the line of existing trees and preempts their continuation as a shrubbery on the new patio roof.

Client : Eva hf
Architects : Studio Granda
Structure : Línuhönnun
Services : Fórsjá
Electrical services : Tómas Kaaber

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