A summer house for master carpenter and his family located in an area of exceptional raw beauty two hours drive from the capital.

The 100 x 100m site enjoys an elevated view over the river 'Hvítá' to the south and is backed by a low cliff to the north. The house is formed of two wings perched on the edge of a small ravine which runs across the site. The living wing is on a level with the upper plateau whereas the sleeping wing sits on the ravine floor. The shift between the two wings provides shelter for morning and evening terraces.

The house is timber framed and clad in feathered cedar boarding which will weather to varying shades of brown-silver depending on orientation; a colour not dissimilar to the sharp moss covered lava which covers the surrounding landscape and the roof. In time the house will gradually merge into its landscape discernible only by its graphic shadow.

Architects : Studio Granda
Structure and services engineers : Vidsjá