Car Park under Reykjavík City Lake

A scheme for a two storey car park under the lake in the Reykjavík city centre.

To ensure equal controlled access and exit for vehicles from north, south and west the entrance is located at the junction of Vonastræti and Lækjargata. The ramps are concealed within the growth of the existing planted area 'Modargardur'. The tower pavilion presently located on this site is relocated by the lake edge and reused for the lift and ventilation intake. Its identifiable form provides a clear yet suitably historic marker for the new car park. Steps to the car park are in Lækjagata to the north of the tower.

Below ground the entrance ramp widens to allow for three control arms. These are overseen by the warden who also has a view over the pedestrian access and public lavatories. Cleaning facilities, are also located in this area.

Two levels of parking are proposed totalling spaces for 232 cars. Both up and down ramps are logically located by the entrance to reduce driving time within the car park both during search and exit.

To ensure maximum visibility within the parking areas the columns are circular, widely spaced and of the smallest possible section. They are also encased in steel to provide collision protection. The ceiling is composed of 2m wide beams with thinner slabs between. All lighting and sprinklers are located in this recessed zone so that the horizontal vista is not cluttered by ceiling elements. This spatial clarity is critical in creating an environment in which users feel safe and confident.

Pedestrian access and exit is in the north eastern corner on both levels and a secure walkway is provided from each driving lane. In the event of an emergency escape is augmented by secure routes on the north and south sides on both levels. The two routes have independent exits; The north route connects to the daily entrance and exit core and the south route opens to a secure stair on the Tjörnin walk with Lækjargata. The sprinkler and intake room is also located in this area.

Client : City of Reykjavík
Architects : Studio Granda
Contractor : Ístak
Structure : Ístak
Foundations : Almenna Verkfaedistofan
Services : VSB Verkfraedistofa
Fire : Verkfraedistofan Snorra Ingimarssonar
Traffic engineering : Vinnustofa Thverá