Hvað er í Gangi ? What's Going on?

In the exhibition Hvað er í gangi? / What's Going on? downtown Reykjavík is represented as a plywood map on the floor of the City Hall.

Models of new developments are placed on pedestals over their respective locations collectively representing the emerging city landscape. The orientation is true to life so the passage of the sun will illuminate the model city in step with the city itself. All models are in scale 1:200 but style, material and technique have been chosen by their individual creators as the city is the product not of one will but the collaboration of many personas.

Three tables provide more detailed information on the historical development of the city, demographic and other statistical changes and video interviews with key figures.

client : City of Reykjavík
exhibition design : Studio Granda
text & video curatorial : Anna María Bógadóttir & Hildigunnur Sverrisdóttir
video production : Ragnar Hansson
graphic design : Snæfríð Þórsteinsdóttor

on site 23.03.17
in progress